Stamps to mark 100 years

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By Staff Reporter
  • Published 3.08.06

Colour trial, proofs, double frame — it’s unlikely if any child now has heard of these terms, for they belong to a dying passion called philately.

To revive interest in what was once the king of all hobbies, Don Bosco Park Circus is organising an inter-school philately exhibition from August 10 to 12. The event also marks the centenary of Don Bosco in India.

“Don Bosco is completing 100 years in India and to mark the occasion, we’re organising a philately exhibition,” said Father J.V. Jacob, principal, Don Bosco Park Circus.

“Earlier, we had a philately club in our school, but that had to be closed down for lack of enthusiasm among the kids. We want to revive the children’s interest in stamps again, because they are a good source of knowledge. Mohd. Mujibullah, a renowned philatelist, has been entrusted with the job of organising the exhibition,” he added.

Mujibullah is instrumental in spreading awareness about philately in various schools by setting up small clubs and distributing various kinds of stamps to them.

“The entries for the Don Bosco exhibition are flowing in thick and fast,” said Mujibullah.

“We have laid down certain rules. The exhibits will have to be on a particular topic. Each participant must have at least 16 pages of exhibits to fill up a philatelic board. Those who do not have adequate stamps can partner with other kids,” he elaborated.

Mujibullah rued that the hobby is steadily on the decline in India. “Very few youngsters are interested in collecting stamps now. What was the king of all hobbies once is slowly disappearing into oblivion.”