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Prayers for tsunami dead - Tragedy unites Kalimpong faithful

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By REZA PRADHAN in Kalimpong
  • Published 6.01.05

Kalimpong, Jan. 6: Residents of all communities today joined hands to pray for the tsumani victims.

The event, organised by Namo Buddhaya, a religious organisation, was held at Dharmodhaya Vihar, at 9th mile.

President of Namo Buddhaya Yogbir Sakhya said: ?In every religion there is a belief that the souls of persons who die in accidents can be freed only through prayers. People from all faiths have been offering prayers, but we felt it would help more if we did so together.

Eleven lamps, signifying the 11 nations that were devastated by the killer waves on Boxing Day, were also lit in the evening.

?Two hundred candles will also be lit to help the souls rest in peace,? Sakhya said.

Kalimpong Ilam Masjid cleric Mansoor Alam Rehman echoed Sakhya.

?Apart from praying for those who were claimed by the tsunami and the thousands more affected, this event also brought out the spirit of communal harmony here,? he said.

Sai Samiti member Deo Prakash Moktan believed their prayers would go a long way in helping the souls of the dead find peace and alleviating the miseries and suffering of those who have lost their homes, loved ones and livelihood to the tsunami.

Around 50 people had gathered for the ceremony today. A minute?s silence was observed by leaders of all faiths who had assembled there to read from their holy texts.

?Compassion is the principal theme of our religion. When a crisis of this magnitude occurs, it is important to pray for the peace of the departed souls. It is also a time to reflect on those who have been left alive, but with injuries and great losses. That is why we have gathered here to offer our prayers and spare a thought for the unfortunate victims of this tragedy,? said Kunzang Dorjee, the head lama of Jangsa Dechen Choling Gumpha.