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Piracy trouble for Tollywood

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By Staff Reporter
  • Published 17.11.08

Cyber pirates are training their guns on Tollywood now.

The songs of 10:10, a Bengali film starring German model Claudia Ciesla, were made available for free download on a blog, two days after the soundtrack was launched on November 12.

Drono Acharya, the music director of the film, came across the website. “I saw that 10:10’s music had been downloaded by 7,000 people. I immediately informed film director Arin Paul,” said Drono.

The company that designed the film’s website tracked down the email address of the person who had uploaded the songs. “We passed on the email to the Eastern India Motion Pictures Association. They have informed Lalbazar’s anti-piracy cell. We’ve also informed Bhawani Bhavan and will write to the copyright authorities,” said Paul.

“What can we do? Films are being pirated all the time. Once the music is released, piracy is very easy. We cannot keep track of it. We have informed the cops. Beyond that, there’s nothing we can do,” said Krishna Daga, the chairman of the association.Other members of the association also expressed helplessness. “Pirated CDs of Bengali films are easily available on the footpath. The association alone can’t do much. The government should take a step.”

Swapan Ghosh, a member of the association and the producer of 90 Ghonta, said the pirated version of the film was freely available even before the CD rights had been sold. On Sunday night, 90 Ghonta could be downloaded from the website where the 10:10 songs had been uploaded. “We make low budget films. If our films are easily available for Rs 15, why would anyone buy the original CDs for Rs 70,” added Ghosh.