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She is a cow aunty, not a gau mata

Make no mistake

  • Published 5.11.19, 2:52 AM
  • Updated 5.11.19, 3:37 PM
  • 2 mins read
The cow that inspired the enlightening thoughts on Monday in Burdwan Picture by Munshi Muklesur Rahaman

At a programme of an outfit called Ghosh and Gabhi Kalyan Samiti (Welfare Committee for Ghoshes and Cows) in Burdwan on Monday, a BJP leader offered prayers to a cow and a calf. It turned out that the cow was of a foreign breed. The following are excerpts from what the leader said:

The country’s own breed of cows has a special characteristic: there is gold mixed in its milk, and that is why the colour of their milk is slightly yellow. There is a nari (blood vessel) that helps produce gold with the help of sunshine…. we have to keep those (local) cows. The breeds of cow that we bring from abroad are not cows. They are a kind of janwar (beast). These foreign breeds don’t sound like cows, which go hamba…. So those are not our gau mata but our aunties. It will not be good for the country if we worship such aunties. …It is not right to worship our gods with the milk of foreign breeds, like Jersey cows. Even the gods of our nation don’t accept foreign commodities. But those who were educated in English love everything English. They also like English wives. Phorsha phorsha bou (light-skinned wives), a lot of leaders have married. That is at the root of the gondogol (problem). Not only foreign cows, a lot many are bringing foreign wives. They are coming here and are a malicious influence on our leaders. They are having to go to jail.

The Telegraph does not know whether the politician uttered these gems because he believes in them or because he wanted publicity. What he says cannot be ignored because he holds a senior position in the most powerful party in India now, an organisation that runs the country and our lives.

If publicity indeed was the objective, you have to figure out the identity of the source of the sage advice. Here are bovine clues to each letter of his first name in sequence

1. He is there in DUNG but not in Horn

2. He is there in MILK but not in Water

3. He is there in TAIL but not in Hoof

4. He is there in DAIRY but not in Cheese

5. He is there in PASTURE but not in Farm

In case you have already guessed the name and want to reconfirm, please see below:

For the record, the worthy who discovered the Cow Aunty is Dilip Ghosh, the president of the BJP in Bengal