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  • Published 7.08.14
Dogs’ day?

lThe article Pet peeve at Lakes: no entry for dogs (July 17) made an interesting read. If animal lovers are so keen on allowing dogs at the Lakes, pet owners should be charged a fee with which sweepers could be appointed to clean up the park.

Sanjay Agarwal

Dogs are the best friends of humans. Even doctors say the company of dogs can be a great stress-buster. It is sad that dogs are deprived of an open space to walk and exercise. When my family had an Alsatian, we restricted ourselves to outings where our dog child was welcome. The building residents kept nagging about him, but my dog always remained friendly. Only dog lovers know the joy of being welcomed home by their pet after a tiresome day. It is disappointing to learn that dogs will not be allowed at Rabindra Sarobar. The corporation charges a licence fee for keeping pet dogs, it should also give a solution for their upkeep. It is sad to note that there are no dedicated areas for such loving beings.

Rakesh Bhatia,Loudon Street

The pertinent question that is being raised is “who are they to decide that dogs cannot be fed in the Lakes”. We respect individual liberty and have nothing to complain if someone feels solidarity with strays. The only thing we expect from them is responsible behaviour. Pet keepers in America clean up poop and pee of their dogs from parks. But here pet owners don’t. Irresponsible activism is a social menace. Do animal lovers have an answer? Why don’t they, in keeping with international laws, adopt strays, get them immunised, clean up after them and get them GPS collar IDs?

Chameli Pal, Batanagar

Morning walkers are well within their rights to object to feeding dogs at the Lakes.

Fazal Khan, Kimber Street

In a city like Calcutta where there are more than 600 parks, most of which have been recently beautified, but dogs are not allowed in mos of them! In every major area of the city, at least one park should be made pet- friendly. Pet parents could take their dogs to these parks, have them socialise and mingle with other dogs, and give them all the exercise they need. A little help from the government and we’re good to go!

Kirti Mahamia,Behala

The custodians of Rabindra Sarobar are right to ban entry of dogs since invariably the dog owners do not clean the mess their pets leave on the road, creating a nuisance for morning walkers. Only if pet owners are made to clean up, should dogs be allowed. Anyone who fails to do so should be fined.

A.S. Mehta, New Alipore

I was charmed to read the article. We also run an animal welfare organisation named People for Animals in Hooghly, and was happy to note the initiative.

Dhruba Mukherjee

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