Let?s mix it up this monsoon

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By From over-the-top to offbeat, action-packed to mellow melancholy, Mithunda to Prosenjit, Debasree to Rituparna — get ready for a pot-pourri of Tollywood releases
  • Published 18.07.05

Ghosts and goons to puppy love and mature relationships ? a host of Bengali films promise to pull in the crowds this season. Metro lists what to expect.


Cast: Locket Chatterjee, Sabyasachi Chakraborty

Director: Rabi Ranjan Maitra

Releasing on: July 29

Storyline: Working mother Locket buys her seven-year-old son a talking doll. Once the doll is brought home, strange things start happening including the gruesome murder of Locket?s colleague. With sleuth Sabyasachi on the case and a tantrik baying for blood, the plot hurtles towards a ghostly chase.

Watch out for: Shot in sync-sound with a handheld camera, the Bengali ?remix? version of Hollywood horror film Child?s Play, Mantra also marks the directorial debut of editor Maitra and the comeback vehicle for Saregama Films. ?It?s spooky but highly entertaining and high on thrills.This is not a blood and gore film,? says Maitra.


Cast: Rituparna Sengupta, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Shilajeet

Director: Avijit Dasgupta

Releasing on: August 1 at Nandan

Storyline: Rituparna runs into her office colleague Shilajeet five years after the death of her husband (Sabyasachi) in a hill station. Though she lives in the past most of the time, a new relationship blossoms with her old friend which draws her towards the future.

Watch out for: Some scenic beauty of Kalimpong, and Rituparna as the woman at the crossroads of life. ?It?s a film about untold love and a strange relationship that has a universal appeal,? says director Dasgupta about his debut. He has co-written the script with wife Manjulika.


Cast: Prosenjit, Ranjit Mullick, Sayantani Ghosh

Director: Haranath Chakraborty

Releasing on: August 12

Storyline: Prosenjit is everybody?s favourite Raju uncle at the orphanage he runs despite a cash crunch. He also saves damsel-in-distress Sayantani from the clutches of some goons and gives her shelter. Love blossoms amidst the twists and turns.

Watch out for: The romantic chemistry between Prosenjit and model-turned-actress Sayantani. Also look out for the toy train sequence shot in Darjeeling, a la Parineeta.

?It?s a film which children will find highly entertaining. We have built up the climax through a lot of suspense,? says producer Pijush Saha.

Mithun Chakraborty in Juddha


Cast: Mithun Chakraborty, Debasree Roy, Jeet, Koel Mullick

Director: Rabi Kinnagi

Releasing on: July 29

Storyline: Mithun is an honest cop who loves to mow down criminals. A chance meeting with Jeet makes Mithun want to bring the educated-youth-turned-rebel into the police fold. But by the time Jeet returns home, the cop has turned fugitive for the alleged murder of his wife. Then on, it?s all about Mithun on a vendetta track with Jeet hot on his trail.

Watch out for: A ?taut action thriller? starring Mithun and Jeet for the first time. While the two men battle for the leading man?s slot, the pretty ladies (Debasree and Koel) will be adding the glam quotient.

?I am working with Mithun in a mainstream film after a long time. We had worked together in Troyee, Chaka, Ferari Fauj and Nadir Teere Sagare,? said Debasree.

Footnote: Also in the running is Swapan Saha?s Rajmahal, starring Prosenjit and Rachana Banerjee, with lots of spooky elements thrown in.