Festive night, feisty night - Metro savours the feel-good times at four clubs with friends and folks

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 26.12.06

The look: The venues looked very Christmas in ambience — lots of bells, generous dollops of stars and streamers, and the Christmas trees.

The festive feel was carried on to the dance floors of each club — if Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC) chose to go for soft floor lighting, Tollygunge Club scored with its setting amidst bamboo groves. Comfort ruled at CC&FC’s air-conditioned dance hall on a not-so-cold December night, while Saturday Club decided to go all open-air.

The feel: The mood was all feel-at-home and just chill. No over-the-top enthusiasm of the night leading into the New Year. There were hardly any couples cosying up on the dance floor. It was all about having a nice time, with bonfires at Tolly, mashals at CC&FC, cosy chairs at RCGC, complimentary drinks at Saturday Club adding to the feel-good factor. “This is a night to have fun with family and close friends, and what better place than your club,” was the crowd consensus.

Song and dance: Jazz, gypsy, hip-hop, rock ’n’ roll, Sufi, retro, disco and a heady mix of Bollywood numbers… the sound of music ranged from old Hindi classics, pure English nostalgia and contemporary Hindi pop. There were live bands and remixes from the console, as well.

All clubs had a Mumbai element to their song-and-dance routine — DJ Akbar Sami at Tolly, singer Geetanjali at CC&FC, Sona Mahapatra at RCGC and dancer Shubhangi at Saturday Club.

As for the dancing, there was everything, from the graceful to the gawky to Govinda!

“This is the largest crowd that I’ve played for in Calcutta. They know their music and can party really hard,”smiled DJ Sami.

Cakes and ale: Lots of finger food with free flow of fluids was the order of the night.

Indian and Chinese ruled the platter, while some went the pizza-pasta way. Wine, whisky and vodka rolled out in equal measure. “Finger food always goes down best at such a party,” smiled Jaideep Gangopadhyay of RCGC.

The beautiful people: The dress code was more smart casuals than formals. Saris, skirts, cocktail dresses, plunging necklines — the women sizzled in them all, and sans jackets. The colour story revolved around muted shades, pastels, browns and blacks. Shrugs teamed with skirts, dresses or even saris dominated.

Accessories were all about jazzy belts, chunky earrings and even a flash of diamonds here and there. Greek (tie-up) shoes went feet first. “It’s a wonder how girls can do without anything warm on the club greens, just to flaunt their style statements on such a special night,” wondered Reshmi Ghosh, at Tolly.

Memorable moments: A high jump by Sona Mahapatra drew the claps and whistles at RCGC. It even inspired a few in the crowd to try a few out with not so flattering results. At Tolly, star designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee stole the spotlight with a Santa cap on his head, busy feet moving to festive beats and sister Payal by his side.