Bypass, Setu sites for twin central bus terminals

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  • Published 18.08.03

The state transport department will construct two central bus terminuses here, on the lines of the Central Bus Terminus in Delhi, to avoid the increasing traffic congestion that officials described as “alarming”.

One will come up along the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, near one of the entrances to Salt Lake. The other will be located in Howrah, near Vidyasagar Setu.

Two large plots have already been identified for the purpose and work will commence soon after the monsoon, say state transport department officials.

Both terminuses will have amenities like rest-rooms, medical centres, restaurants and spare-parts stores.

But only the one on the Bypass will be an exclusively state transport department affair, say officials. The other terminus, in Howrah, is being projected as a joint venture with the Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners (HRBC).

After the two terminuses are ready, all buses leaving from the other major centres, like Esplanade and Babughat, will be shifted to the new complexes. All long-distance buses, including private and state buses, will originate from the central terminuses, say officials.

All buses travelling towards destinations east and north of Calcutta will leave from the Bypass terminus. Buses bound for the west and the south will use the terminus in Howrah. All the major inter-city buses will also operate from the new premises.

“Our move is aimed at decongesting the city’s traffic, which is already under great strain. If the long-distance bus services are terminated before they can enter the city, the traffic load in the city proper will be reduced,” pointed out Prashant, joint secretary in the transport department. “This apart, shifting of some more bus terminuses from the city centre to the new premises will further ease traffic congestion,” Prashant added. “So, we decided to construct two central bus terminuses at two entry points of the city. The terminuses will be modern, providing all kinds of facilities to the transporters and passengers.''

According to transport department officials, over 2,000 long-distance buses operate from the city. Most of the state and private buses originate from Esplanade and Babughat. Some private buses operate from Howrah station and Rabindra Setu (Howrah bridge).