Boon for mental caregivers

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By Staff Reporter
  • Published 21.04.06

Updates on mental disorders and their treatment is now readily available to those working in related fields, thanks to a tie-up between the NGO Turning Point and International Society for the Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenia and other Psychoses (ISPS).

The first seminar of ISPS-India was held at Park Palace Hotel on Monday. Though director Ishita Sanyal described the theme as ?how professional hazards influence mental health?, the discussion generally remained confined to the ?hazards? faced by caregivers and parents of patients suffering from the disorders.

The panel provided certain interesting insights. Sanyal, for instance, stated that rural society is more open to ideas and willing to accept disabilities. In an urban society, a patient is likely to face hostility and stigma. That causes delay or disruption in treatment.

Shukla Bhaduri, one of the founders of the NGO Mentaid, spoke of how her own personal anguish (as the mother of an autistic child) had propelled her to join others in forming a self-help group.

?But age is catching up with us and we need others to take our place. The need of the hour is closer networking among the existing groups,? she added.