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Battlefield to B-school - Armed forces head for Joka

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  • Published 5.04.07

From battlefield to B-school, the men in uniform are ready for a transition.

With the directorate-general resettlement, a wing of the armed forces, approaching Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta to impart managerial skills to ex-servicemen, the Joka campus will have a new set of students, starting April 9.

“We have designed a 24-week certificate course for ex-servicemen keeping in mind the need to increase their employability in the corporate sector,” said Sushil Khanna, chairman, consultancy and management development programme.

The course for retired and short service commission officers will be divided into four modules, three of seven weeks each and one for three weeks. According to Khanna, the programme will include modules in finance, marketing, organisational behaviour, along with other courses like economic environment and legal aspects in management. The participants will also have to undertake project work.

“Our officers learn management skills while in the force, but they need some formal training and a degree to settle into the civilian life,” explained a spokesperson for the armed forces.

The fee for the certificate course is Rs 1.4 lakh, of which the participant will have to pay Rs 56,000 and the rest will be borne by the government. Though the institute might offer some placement help, the primary onus of finding a job will lie with the students.

The directorate-general has selected 75 participants — 51 from the army, 12 from the air force and 12 from the navy — for the programme.

The directorate-general has also tied up with other premier B-schools, like the IIMs in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Lucknow and Indore.

“If the officers are assured of settlement in a decent corporate life after their service with the armed forces, more and more qualified people will be attracted to join the services,” said Khanna, adding that the institute has plans to conduct the certificate programme twice a year.