Kids enjoy Children’s Day with smiles and activities

  • Published 27.11.15

A day at the museum

History of coins to a hands-on pottery session, children hit the Adventure Trails at Indian Museum with a guided tour of the galleries and a lot more. The interactive session was presented by Indian Museum along with Think Arts, a group that aims to bring imaginative experiences for children through art. “The aim of this initiative was to engage children in interesting activities at the museum,” said Ruchira Das, the founder of Think Arts. Children learnt about the history of coins and punched their own ones. “It was indeed an interesting event. Every time I visit the museum I get to learn something new,” said Padmaja Bose, a Class VIII student of Calcutta International School. Sumit Lai Roy, the founder of theatre group The Red Curtain, told the children about human evolution. “Events such as this one allow children to interact and learn more. We tried to showcase our culture and history to the children in the best possible way,” said Sayan Bhattacharya, education officer, Indian Museum.

Ready for a click 

Children had an opportunity to learn all about photography at Chhotoder Jonno, a photography workshop conducted by Indranil Mukherjee at Bharat Academy & Sciences. Students learnt about the origin and evolution of camera from the 13th-Century camera obscura to the present-day high-end DSLR. “Photography has certain rules but we know that rules are meant to be broken and you need to know the rules before breaking them,” Mukherjee told the budding photographers.

Text by Chandrajit Mitra

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