When Bollywood goes jirijiri to Assam beats

Assamese songwriter Rajdweep pens lyrics and Papon sings in Konkona film A Death in the Gunj

By Rajiv Konwar in Guwahati
  • Published 4.07.17
A still from the film

Guwahati, July 3: A full-length Assamese song has, for the first time, journeyed to Bollywood.

The four-minute song, Jirijiri noi, has been used in the movie  , the directorial debut of award-winning actress Konkona Sen Sharma, said Assamese songwriter and playwright Rajdweep, who has written the lyrics. The movie was released last month.

Sung by popular singer Angaraag Papon Mahanta, the music for the song has been composed by Sagar Desai.

The 104-minute film, set in the town of McCluskieganj, Bihar (now in Jharkhand), in the winter of 1979, has earned critical acclaim and received a positive response in various film festivals.

"That an Assamese song has been used in a Bollywood movie is good news for the state's cultural milieu. I am very happy," Rajdweep, who has written songs for at least seven Assamese films and is working on two, said. His song Pokhi pokhi mor mon sung by Papon was a huge hit.

"A character in the movie has an Assam connection for which the Assamese song has been used," Rajdweep said, adding that the song has been used in the background.

He said the opportunity to contribute to the film came when another Assamese song written by him was sung by Papon in a programme aired by a national music channel.

"Everyone dreams of working in Bollywood. My satisfaction is that the entire country will hear an Assamese song by the virtue of it being used in a Bollywood movie," he said.

Film critic Arun Lochan Das also said that he has never heard of an Assamese song being used in a Bollywood movie before although the music of Assamese songs has been used in Bollywood on several occasions.

The young playwright has written several commercially successful plays like Bolia Krishna and Bonoria for the mobile theatre of the state. The next season of bhramyoman (mobile theatre) will have at least three plays written by him, Best of Luck for Kohinoor Theatre, Bindas for Siranjib Theatre and Bolia Draupadi for Hengul Theatre.

Bolia Draupadi (Mad Draupadi) is based on an imaginative depiction of what the mythological character of Mahabharat would have done had she been born in today's world, Rajdweep said. He also said Nahid Afrin, of Indian Idol Junior 2015 fame, will sing for the first time in mobile theatre in his play Bindas.