Why win will be easy for Raj Sinha

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  • Published 24.11.14

He is yet again pitted against Mannan Mallick, the Congress strongman to whom he lost in the 2009 Assembly elections. Then there are other challengers in the form of JVM’s R.K. Rahi and JMM’s Bhupendra Kumar.

But Raj Sinha, the 38-year-old BJP candidate from Dhanbad seat, doesn’t feel threatened at all. In fact, he is more confident of winning this time than ever, saying it would be a “cakewalk” for him.

The obvious reason being the Modi factor.

“If Narendra Modi comes and convenes a political meeting here, all other candidates will simply be blown away by the political tornado that he will cause. Such is the charisma of our Prime Minister,” gushed Sinha, seated at his residence at Jagjivan Nagar Colony, Dhanbad, where he stays with his wife Vinita Sinha and two children.

It was 8.30am.

Sinha, who is into the thick of campaigning although Dhanbad will not vote before December 14, was finishing his breakfast of bread and fried potatoes and cauliflower.

“I prefer to take my breakfast at home and then hit the roads as I don’t know when I will get time to eat,” he said

After a quick word with his wife, he set out for the day around 9am. He chose to first stop at Badtand, 3km from Dhanbad town, where he addressed a meeting attended by hundreds of party supporters before moving on to South Balihari, Dhaura, Bansuria, Damodarpur, Simaldih, Devi Para and Shanti Vihar Colony.

Coming back to his victory claims, if he is so confident of winning, why did he lose last time, that too by a thin margin of around 900 votes?

“Look, there were three reasons for my loss. First, I was new and got barely 12 days to campaign. Second, then Union coal minister Shriprakash Jaiswal had made false promises to coal workers at Bhuli and other colliery areas. Third, several small-time leaders contested the polls, eating into my vote bank,” said the MA degree-holder from Patna University who is known to be close to Dhanbad BJP MP P.N. Singh.

“But despite being a first-time candidate, I got about 54,000 votes, losing by about 900 votes. This time, the Modi wave is sweeping across Jharkhand and people are not happy with the present MLA (Mannan Mallick). Hence, I believe it will be a cakewalk victory for me,” Raj said.

Reminded that Muslims, Yadavs, Rajputs and colliery workers, who constitute 60 per cent of voters in Dhanbad, had not supported him in the last polls, he said: “People of Dhanbad are intelligent. They don’t get carried away by caste politics. All know that the BJP can give stability and a honest government to Jharkhand.”

And what about the other contestants?

“Even the JMM office-bearers don’t know Bhupendra properly, while Rahi (JVM) is far behind in the race,” he signed off with a chuckle.