Thermal plant's new ash pond

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  • Published 31.07.14

Bokaro Thermal Power Station (BTPS), which is at the centre of a controversy for allegedly discharging hazardous industrial waste into Konar river, got a new ash pond on Wednesday.

Project head of BTPS Pramod Kumar first conducted a trial run of the ash pond at Nooribagh, about 3km from the plant and 55km from Bokaro steel city, and gave the go-ahead for its operations. From now on, mixed slurry and industrial ash generated at the thermal plant will flow into the Nooribagh pond, thus curbing water and environment pollution.

“This ash pond has a storage capacity of 10 lakh cubic metres. After the effluents collect in the pond, water will be segregated from ash and sent back to the power plant for reuse. A 3km pipeline connects the ash pond to the plant,” Kumar told The Telegraph.

BTPS had earned the wrath of local residents and also the district administration for failing to check discharge of coal ash and slurry into Konar. It released waste into small ash ponds with breaches and hence, the slurry overflowed into the river.