Summer vacation in pool and on tracks

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  • Published 4.05.12

Plan to spend summer vacations in front of the TV or PlayStation with the AC on in full blast? Instead, Tata Steel sports department is asking you to beat the heat by working up a sweat in a host of sporting disciplines.

Next week, more than 1,500 school children will line up for the 20-day summer camp at two separate venues — JRD Tata Sports Complex and ISWP Sports Complex. Tata officials will host the camp from May 7-26 at the JRD complex and from May 8-28 at the spanking new ISWP hub.

Tata Steel sports department manager (events) Avinash Kumar stressed that children needed to develop attributes such as teamwork, leadership, a competitive spirit, and above all, fitness. “We are offering 14 sporting disciplines to choose from. Children can actually spend a worthwhile time. And their health won’t be affected by the timings, as we have taken care to host most events in the mornings.”

The JRD complex, in the heart of the city, will host archery, athletics, basketball, boxing, handball, judo/karate, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, roller skating, badminton, cricket, golf, and swimming. Newbie ISWP, easily accessible to children from Telco, Govindpur, Manifit, and Nildih will host archery, basketball, football and volleyball. It is the first such camp at the venue near Telco.

Barring swimming, timings for other disciplines are 6.30am to 8.30am. The action in the pool will be from 8am to 9am for boys and 4pm to 5pm for girls.

“More than 1,000 students have already enrolled their names for the camp. Scores of names are pouring in everyday,” said Kumar. “The last date for registration was Wednesday, which has been extended till Friday. But entries will be accepted even after the deadline,” he added.

Besides sports department coaches, their counterparts from elsewhere in the city will also mentor the budding talents. “The JRD Tata Sports Complex will host the summer camp from may 7 to 26, activities will be conducted at ISWP venue from May 8 to 28,” an official said.

For students who have enrolled at the camp, the excitement is palpable. “I have skipped vacationing outside the city this summer. I’m planning to hone my caging skills under experts,” said aspiring hoopster Ashutosh Mishra of Jusco School.

“I always wanted to take part in summer camps. But since JRD Tata Sports Complex is far from my Telco home, I never could. With the ISWP Sports Complex nearby, I now can,” grinned Anil Jha of Gulmohur School.

Children can register their names at the accounts office of JRD Tata Sports Complex. For enrolment at the JRD Tata Sports Complex camp, Renu Bhaduria can be contacted at 0657-2145083. Those interested for ISWP events can contact Gavin at 9031087808. Registration timings are from 9.30am to 12.15pm and 3.15pm to 5.15pm.