Rush for BEd forms

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  • Published 26.05.09

Jamshedpur, May 26: The growing demand for BEd seats has proved that teaching is considered to be the best profession in town, especially among women.

City colleges offering BEd have already sold forms more than the available seats. Although the selection will be done on merit — based on points — nobody wants to leave the race.

Jamshedpur Women’s College, which has just got the autonomous status, has already sold more than 1,300 forms. The college has started issuing the forms from April at a cost of Rs 400 and there is no dearth of applicants. Other colleges are selling the forms at Rs 300.

Graduate School College for Women and Jamshedpur Co-operative College have also sold more than 400 forms from May 22 and May 20, respectively.

However, Karim City College will start issuing the forms from tomorrow till May 30. But the seats in all the colleges are restricted to 100 each.