Reel alert on hazards of uranium mining - Three-day film fest to conclude today

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  • Published 17.01.13

The Uranium Film Festival, which has its roots in Brazil, has come to Ranchi with several documentaries and short films.

The three-day festival, which kicked off at Central University, Brambe, on Tuesday, travelled to the RIMS campus on Wednesday. Students and teachers of the premier medical college, film lovers and social activists watched six documentaries and short films that highlight the ill effects of uranium mining.

The films that were screened were Michael Madsen’s Into Eternity, Ranchi-based film-maker Sriprakash’s Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda and Jadugoda: The Black Magic, Galina Laskova Sanderson’s (Belarus) To Whom It May Concern, When the Dust Settles by Australian director David Bradbury and Deadly Dust by Frieder F. Wagner (Germany).

“It was a great day for the film festival. A good number of people, apart from students of RIMS, came and watched the films that brought out the truth about nuclear power,” said Sriprakash, India co-ordinator of the film fest.

In the first half, documentaries like Into Eternity and When the Dust Settles were screened. Into Eternity (75 minutes) from Denmark beautifully portrays the negative effects of uranium waste being dumped into water bodies and on grounds for many years. When the Dust Settles documents health hazards caused to mankind by radioactive radiation.

The second half was for two films on Jadugoda mines — Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda and Jadugoda—The Black Magic. These were followed by a panel discussion where experts like environmentalist Nitish Priyadarshi, Ghanshyam Biruli and some doctors from RIMS shared their views on the burning topic.

Many important films have been lined up for the concluding day at International Library and Cultural Centre (ILCC) near Ranchi Club.

“We will show important films like Toxic Neglect (Moushumi Basu), Uranium Thirst (Shuchanek and Oliviera, Namibia), The Two World at Los Alamos (by Claus Biegert, Germany). Screening will start at 10.30am and go on till 5pm,” said Sriprakash.