Pregnant wife, lover killed Sonari tutor

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  • Published 14.01.13

Suspicions proved to be true.

Private tutor Shiv Kumar Singh, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his Sonari home early on Friday, was killed by his wife and her lover.

Soni Singh (25), who is six months pregnant, has confessed to her crime. She has been arrested and charged under Sections 302 and 120(B) of the IPC.

Police on Sunday sent a team to Patna to nab her lover, whose identity is being kept under wraps so that he does not escape net.

Officer in charge (OC) of Sonari police station sub-inspector Sanjiv Kumar said Soni and the youth, with whom she had an affair prior to her marriage, decided to kill 32-year-old Shiv as he had started suspecting her of having an extramarital affair. The two accused first hit Shiv with a hard and blunt object and then smothered him to death with a pillow.

“The victim’s wife Soni has confessed that she and her lover, who lives in Patna, murdered her husband on Thursday night,” said the OC.

The tenants, who stay in a part of Shiv’s Gandhi Road residence, had heard Shiv’s screams on that fateful night. But when they came out and asked what was wrong, Soni had replied, without opening the door, that her husband had a severe stomach ache.

“That was why despite repeated pleas from the tenants, she refused to open the door, saying that she could not find the key to the grille gate. After the murder, the youth left early in the morning,” Sanjiv Kumar added.

Earlier during interrogations, Soni had claimed that a gang of thieves had entered their house and murdered her husband when he resisted them. She also showed an almirah from where the gang had taken away ornaments and other valuables, police said.

“But we knew that she was lying. As she is in an advanced stage of pregnancy, we suspected that someone else was involved. We mounted pressure on her and she broke down,” the officer said.

According to the OC, Soni’s affair with the youth started three years before her marriage with the private tutor. Even after her marriage one and a half years ago, she continued to be in touch with the accused, who would frequently call her up.

“A few months ago, the victim started suspecting that his wife was having an affair and even questioned her about it a number of times. There were also ugly quarrels between the two. Ultimately, Soni and her lover planned to get rid of Shiv forever,” the OC said.