Panchayat eye on health hubs

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  • Published 20.09.12

Healthcare units in the hinterlands might soon be monitored by panchayati raj institutions.

Director of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) A.B. Siddique, who also is the project director of Jharkhand State AIDS Control Society, on Wednesday said that a proposal in this regard had been submitted to the state health ministry and was waiting a nod from the cabinet.

Siddique, who visited Jamshedpur Blood Bank, said the move was aimed at instilling a sense of discipline and accountability among medical staff and doctors. He also claimed that the proposal would also ensure that the funds allotted for health hubs were used in a proper manner.

Speaking to The Telegraph on Wednesday, Siddique said the panchayati raj institutions would not only monitor but also send reports on lacunas detected at primary health centres and referral hospitals.“The monitoring and reporting by the panchayati raj institutions would be under two heads — managerial and infrastructure. On the managerial front, the rural bodies will be keeping an eye out to ensure that the doctors, nurses and paramedics attended work regularly. On the infrastructure front, they will report shortcomings like absence of boundary walls, shortage of medicine and equipment, if any,” Siddique said.

He added that the reports would not only be sent to the civil surgeons of the respective districts, but also to NRHM district co-ordinators and the mission director.

The cabinet nod on the proposal, which Siddique said was just a “formality”, is likely to come soon. “As soon as we get the green signal we will ask the civil surgeons to hold meetings with panchayati raj institutions ,” he said.

Apart from this, the mobile number of medical officer in-charge of different rural heal hubs have been provided to various villagers, who have been asked to lodge a complaint through SMS if they find any negligence or absenteeism on the part of the doctors or medical staff.

“We have received funds to the tune of Rs 786 crore (for fiscal 2012-13) for the rural health hubs,” the director said.