Name sword hangs over 'do-gooder' BJP man - Fresh twist in Tileshwar Sahu murder as Barhi circle official asks Ganesh who?

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  • Published 21.03.14

Hazaribagh, March 20: A day after chief minister Hemant Soren approved CBI inquiry into the public murder of Ajsu firebrand Tileshwar Sahu, fresh revelations have occurred in the case to implicate the BJP leader who claimed to have “innocently” helped its mastermind and three sharpshooters, and his party, more deeply.

Barhi circle officer Sanjay Kumar Pandey categorically said his office issued no residential certificate to anyone named Ganesh Shankar or Ganesh Kumar, directly contradicting the claim of BJP leader Vinod Yadav, who in a police statement said he unknowingly helped the man procure document, forming the basis of their acquaintance.

Yadav, who surrendered on March 18, 10 days after a youth shot Sahu at point-blank range, confessed before police he helped Ganesh get a residential certificate and helped three of the latter’s “matric-examinee” relatives find room to stay. Arrested shooter Suraj, is one of the three “examinees”. His two aides and alleged mentor Ganesh have fled.

Circle officer Pandey punctures Yadav’s explanation of how he came to know Ganesh in the first place. “We did not find any certificate issued to Ganesh Shankar or Ganesh Kumar in our records,” Pandey told The Telegraph.

“I searched records of 2013 and the first two months of 2014. Nowhere is Ganesh Shankar or Ganesh Kumar found. Only one Ganesh Sao is mentioned but he is an elderly man whose identity is verified. We issued neither permanent nor temporary residential certificates to any Ganesh Shankar or Kumar,” Pandey said. “In any case, we give permanent certificate after getting land records and a temporary one if a person stays here for 10 years,” he added.

Pandey’s statement points the needle of suspicion back at Yadav, now lodged at Loknayak Jaiprakash Narayan Central Jail, Hazaribagh, as well as other higher-ups such as Barhi MLA Uma Shankar Akela of the BJP, who was at loggerheads with Sahu.

But Yadav pleaded guilty to nothing but misplaced faith.

He said he met Ganesh Shankar alias Ganesh Kumar some two months before Sahu’s murder. According to Yadav, Ganesh requested the leader to help him get a Barhi residential certificate. Going by Yadav’s statement, Ganesh met him 20 days before Sahu’s murder, asking him to arrange a house for three relatives who were matric examinees. Yadav stated that he helped Ganesh both times in good faith.

Yadav asked BJP party worker Amit Kumar Jaiswal to rent out his house to the trio. Jaiswal had obliged, giving the killers the opportunity to monitor Sahu’s movements and security cover, before zeroing in on March 8 women’s day event as most convenient.

In the light of the developments, subdivisional police officer Awinash Kumar said they would verify Yadav’s statement.

Former Union minister and sitting Hazaribagh MP Yashwant Sinha of the BJP had written to chief minister Hemant Soren, asking for CBI probe, Sinha’s district representative Bansi Rukaryar said. “As a party, the BJP knows nothing about this,” he stressed to scotch rumours that politics and not the PLFI is behind Sahu’s murder.