Murky river gasps for oxygen - Choking results on Environment Day eve

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  • Published 4.06.05

Jamshedpur, June 4: There is no trace of dissolved oxygen along the Subernarekha at a point near Adityapur where industrial units discharge their waste.

Not surprising, therefore, that there is no sign of aquatic life at the point.

The findings on the second day of pollution check on the Subernarekha and Kharkhai by a team of environmental scientists were not different from yesterday.

According to the team of experts led by R.K. Sinha, professor of zoology at Patna University, this is the first time during the survey that they have found no trace of dissolved oxygen along the river course at that point.

?The desirable level of dissolved oxygen is 5.6 miligram per litre. But there was no trace of dissolved oxygen in water samples collected near Shivghat along Kharkai river at Adityapur,? said Sinha.

According to the environmental experts, the zero amount of dissolved oxygen indicates that the industrial units and municipalities are not following any guidelines of Pollution Control Act.

?It seems that the industrial units exist without a waste treatment plant and the municipalities are dumping waste anywhere they want. The state pollution control board has been reduced to a toothless body,? said Jamshedpur MLA Saryu Rai, the convener of the Subernarekha Bachao Abhiyan.