Mind games for memory power

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  • Published 18.07.04

Jamshedpur, July 18: Intermediate student Naveen Kumar never in his wildest imagination thought he could memorise complex mathematical formulas in a few seconds and score cent per cent marks in the subject.

But attending a few classes on memory enhancement has changed his entire personality. To him, now, mathematical formulas and history dates are child’s play, thanks to the efforts of the recently-opened Genius Inter College in the steel city.

The college has introduced a new subject, memory enhancement, to its curriculum to train students memorise complex formulas and lengthy chapters of different subjects.

The special memory training has come as a ray of hope for many students.

The college, which was running the classes on a trial basis, today announced the formal launch of the memory enhancement classes at a function organised at SNTI auditorium.

Genius Inter College, which is based on the syllabus of Jharkhand Academic Council, would now conduct classes to enhance memory.

According to college director Om Prakash, over 50 per cent of the students possess weak memory, one of the major reasons for their poor performance in academics.

He said, if the students possess a good memory they can do well in studies and even get through competitive examinations with flying colours.

“This is a new concept of education that our college has introduced. I think there is a need to hone the skills of students apart from imparting education,” the director said.

He added that the college has hired memory enhancement experts, who will conduct memory enhancement classes in the college.

Sharing her experiences, Devyani Bhardwaj, a memory expert of the college, said many educational institutes have made memory enhancement classes a part of their curriculum.

“The students who underwent such training have successfully sharpened their minds. Some have even cracked competitive examinations and are now well-placed in various fields. We have so far received a tremendous response,” Devyani said.

Talking about the memory enhancing technique, she said, “The system is based on ‘law of association’ and ‘law of imagination’. Suppose a student wants to remember the date of a particular event in history and that date also happens to be his father’s birthday. He can use the law of association and remember the date in history by associating it with the birthday date.”

She added that, in the same way, through the law of imagination the students are taught to remember things by expanding their imagination.

“We hope that the memory classes would help students of the city sharpen their minds,” she said.