Hi-tech health hub in capital

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  • Published 1.02.07

Ranchi, Feb. 1: The capital would soon house the state’s first telemedicine centre.

The centre will have internationally-renowned cardiologist Dr Devi Shetty of Bangalore as its chief consultant.

Briefing newspersons, Dr K.P. Daruka, the man behind the project, said he has made arrangements with Narayan Hriduyalaya of Bangalore, Forris Hospital of Delhi and the Hinduja Hospital of Mumbai, for providing specialised consultancy through tele-conference.

Specialists would provide cardiology, neurology, orthopedics and paediatric treatment through the centre.

Defining telemedicines, Dr Daruka said: “Telemedicine is the use of electronic information and communication technologies to provide and support health care where distance is a critical factor.” He added that the availability of reliable, high bandwidth nation-wide networks promise to remove the constraints of geographical distances. “In the area of medicine, the use of such networks allows medical information and expertise to be shared across the country and the world,” he said.

According to Dr Daruka, some of the potential benefits of telemedicines is that it would help in the evaluation of remote patients during an emergency. It would also help in the supervision of primary care in remote sites where a physician is not easily available.

Dr Daruka added that online surgeries would now be possible in Jharkhand through telemedicines. “It would also help facilitate cost-effective care,” he said.

Dr Daruka’s telemedicine centre will also provide consultancy to patients across the state.