Health camp on gender bias

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  • Published 4.05.07

Ranchi, May 4: As part of an age-old tradition, whenever a male child is born in the villages of Godda district the midwife is awarded with 50 kgs of wheat. But if it is a baby girl, the award value reduces by 50 per cent. Probably, this is the first sign of gender discrimination in the villages.

Sebastian, one of the 10 community organisers, drew attention to this problem at the Capacity Building Programme for Community Organisers held by the Human Potential Development Centre (HPDC) today.

Manoj Khalkho, project coordinator of Catholic Health Association of Bihar (Chabi), an NGO, said the community organisers work for the upliftment of a particular community and tries to educate them.

“We are an NGO working for the betterment of the overall health of the rural folklore in Jharkhand and Bihar. Our effort is to make these villagers aware of the boy and girl ratio,” he said.

The two-day workshop witnessed community organisers presenting their reports on the various problems and issues, mostly related to the health.

Rather than going to a doctor the villagers still turn to a midwife for delivery of their babies, revealed Khalkho.

“Therefore, the community organisers try to spread awareness amongst these midwives for the safe delivery of babies. We try and solve health problems in the village there itself, taking assistance from the village elders and creating an awareness for them,” he added.

Village health committees are formed of the village midwife, a vaidh, the village headman and a village head worker.

Other than the report presentation, the community organisers also attended lectures on implementations and strategies of government policies applicable in villages.

Another lecture on creation of self-employment at the village level by the Indian Lac Research Institute was also held.