Fair weather at Sakchi

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  • Published 7.06.12

The summer sun might have been scorching Jamshedpur at 44°C or more, but it has been “fair” weather at Sakchi’s Aambagan Maidan since April 16.

Fun World — the annual months-long fair set up by the Fun World entertainment firm — has been a hit as usual with the city so far, having witnessed huge crowds since its inauguration a little more than seven weeks ago.

The fair, which not surprisingly has a little something for everyone — rides, snacks, handloom and handicraft items, furniture, textile and jewellery, among other things — will continue till the end of June.

The organisers, who claim that the footfall has been no less than 3,000 daily, said that the fair over the past few weeks had become the favourite hangout place for the crowds in the evening, despite the heat and the swelter.

“Last year, the weather was far too pleasant with spells of showers every few days. The Celsius has been climbing steadily this year and the conditions are difficult. Yet, the crowds have been turning up in thousands daily. The weather has not been a deterrent for the shoppers,” said Chandra Shekhar Parwat, organiser of the fair.

So while the children have been having their dose of fun screaming their lungs out on their favourite rides such as Mini train, Tora-Tora, Roller Coaster, Giant Wheel, Octopus and Break Dance — the tickets for which have been priced at Rs 25 each — the women have been thronging the garment, jewellery and sari stalls.

“Furniture, coolers, pickles, terracotta items, footwear, kitchen products, the 70 stalls set up in the fair has them all. We provide opportunities to artistes, craftsmen and businessmen who do not have a permanent kiosk to showcase their products,” said Parwat.

The fair is also playing host to artefacts from states like like Bengal, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, with pearls from Hyderabad dazzling the audience. Jewellery and conch shell stalls from Bengal too have been making the headlines.

“Jamshedpur gives us a nice response and we earn good for a couple of months during which the fair is conducted. Junk jewellery has always been a hit among teenagers. But the crowds this year have taken to Polki-style jewellery too,” said Raj Kumar, a stall owner.