Exhibition that promotes art for one and all - Gallery owner Divya Taneja hopes love for creative expression will grow gradually in industrial city

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  • Published 14.03.14

Colours will come alive on canvas this Holi.

Off the Wall, the second official art gallery in the city at Super Centre in Sakchi, started a four-day exhibition on Thursday. It will continue till Sunday.

Titled Confluence, the exhibition is projecting the artwork of as many as 15 artists. The exhibition has also been merged with a camp where a few artists are painting their imaginations and adding colour to them.

Off the Wall has a unique concept — if art has to be promoted, it need not be through paintings of great artists. The simplest work too can find a footing.

Building on this concept, the artists are offering their artwork at a much cheaper prices. For instance, an artwork like a printed one is available at a throwaway price of Rs 800.

According to gallery owner Divya Taneja, the idea of opening up an art gallery in an industrial town like Jamshedpur with people having very little interest in art was both exciting and challenging.

Taneja felt that people do have the money, but have no clue where and how to spend it. With more galleries and art camps, people may become potential buyers gradually.

“Let’s move step by step. We have introduced this printed art because these are far less expensive and budding art lovers may opt for these. Gradually, they will learn to appreciate true art and will splurge on artworks,” Taneja added.

The owner believes that the best part of the gallery is probably that it tries to cater to all classes of people.

“We have a few paintings that are less than Rs 1,000, while we also keep stock of artwork worth more than Rs 50,000. If we want to popularise art, we have to know what people want,” she added.

Besides painting and printed frames, pottery is another item at the ongoing camp. Live demonstrations will be held at the camp from Friday onward.

“After Acharya Nandalal Bose Art Gallery on Bengal Club premises, here is Off the Wall that is providing a great platform to artists. The art culture will soon bloom in the city,” hoped artist Shubhendu Biswas.

Off the Wall is also planning to host at least one exhibition every month to keep this fervour going. Taneja plans to organise a photography workshop, art camps and workshops in near future.