Cradle grooms future leaders

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  • Published 17.01.14

Gulmohur High School will teach its students what it takes to be a leader.

The cradle on Thursday launched Young Leadership Programme, as part of its diamond jubilee celebrations on February 2, to help meritorious students prepare for future.

The programme, which is likely to start from the new academic session in March, aims to develop the personalities of bright students.

As many as 240 pupils — the top 10 from each section from classes I to VIII — have been selected. The school has chalked out separate modules for each level. Eight teachers have been chosen as volunteers.

“We selected the students on the basis of their last year’s academic results,” said principal Sunita Sinha.

The curriculum includes soft skills, teamwork, public speaking, communication and values. The sessions for classes I and II will take place during school hours, while the rest will have to come to school for an hour on Saturdays.

However, the students will have to be in their best behaviour to retain positions. For those who have not been selected, the challenge will be to improve and be among the chosen few.

The school will complete 60 years and will celebrate at Sumant Moolgaokar Stadium in Telco on February 2.