Monday, 30th October 2017

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Ranchi eateries get nod to open, but with riders

Move is being seen as a helpline to owners of restaurants and sweet shops

By Raj Kumar in Ranchi
  • Published 23.05.20, 1:59 AM
  • Updated 23.05.20, 1:59 AM
  • a min read
A migrant worker picks up a shoe from the footwear made available by a social outfit at Durga Soren Chowk in Ranchi on Friday Pictures by Manob Chowdhary

Residents of the state capital can now look forward to eating restaurant food, but not at the eateries.

The Ranchi district administration on Friday allowed the relaxation during the fourth phase of the lockdown after weighing the pros and cons. The move is also being seen as a helpline to owners of eateries and sweet shops.

Sub-divisional officer of Sadar circle of Ranchi, Lokesh Kumar Mishra, confirmed the development saying restaurant and sweet shop owners have been asked to pay proper attention to social distancing while carrying out their business.

“They will have to use masks and ask their customers also to use the same. Apart from this, they will have to ensure that there should be no crowding outside their shops during business. Proper hygienic conditions will have to be maintained. And no one can eat the food at the restaurant,” SDO Mishra said, confirming the relaxation.

“The idea is to ensure proper supply of food with due attention to the novel coronavirus threat,” Mishra said.

The administration’s decision drew mixed responses.

A volunteer hands over a bottle of water to a labourer in a bus on the NH-33 near Ranchi.
A volunteer hands over a bottle of water to a labourer in a bus on the NH-33 near Ranchi.

Abhay Kumar, a city-based insurance agent, took strong exception to the relaxation.

“Such relaxation will only reduce chances of social distancing as there are over 500 sweet shops and restaurants in the city. The administration should have waited till May 31 when the fourth phase of the lockdown is supposed to end,” Mahto said, expressing his concern over the relaxation.

Anal Minz, a state government employee, however, welcomed the development.

“It will create job opportunities in the market which is suffering from an acute economic slowdown and give common people an opportunity to have a taste of delicious food and sweets. It will help them get rid of some of the boredom during the lockdown,” Minz said.

Bipin Kumar, who runs Ramdiri Restaurant in Harmu, said that the relaxation will not benefit most restaurant owners.

“Those who are in the business of supply of prepared food will benefit. The common restaurant owner has no benefit. Apart from this, the beauty of a restaurant is people eating together,” Singh said.