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Biofuel expert hails Indian climate - German scientist to study jatropha farming

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  • Published 23.02.09

Giridih, Feb. 23: India’s climate is ideal for production of biofuel and the country should take initiatives to promote jatropha cultivation.

The observation came from Heike Lipper, an environmental scientist from Germany.

Lipper, an independent researcher, has been camping in India since last December for her study on jatropha plantation. So far, she has toured West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi and Jharkhand.

For the past few years, jatropha cultivation is being carried out on a large-scale across the country. Several banks have also loans to companies working in the field.

“India’s climate is best suited for jatropha plantation. If the conditions here are used properly, the country can produce excellent results in the field of biofuel,” said the scientist.

“Abundant rainfall, good quality of soil and vast barren and waste land are ideal for biofuel production. And India has all three. Besides, the quality of plants, seeds and the oil procured from the seeds are of good quality,” Lipper added.

Asked about her study and her area of focus, Lipper said, “I want to prepare a report on my findings here and thereafter work with an NGO on the subject. I also aim to explore the prospects of India and Germany working together on this line and how India’s plantation can help Germany.”

Nirmal Agrawal, who works for IKF Green Fuel Limited and has undertaken jatropha plantation on 350 acres in Giridih, said: “The oil that we procured from jatropha seeds has proved to be excellent. Soon, we will establish a plant to extract oil from the seeds.”