Airport drop? Hire a cab to capital

Gps fleet launched in steel city

By Animesh Bisoee in Jamshedpur
  • Published 12.07.18
EASY TRAVEL: The office of Airport Connect in Sakchi, Jamshedpur, on Wednesday. Picture by Bhola Prasad

Jamshedpur: Catching a flight from Ranchi or Calcutta promises to be a tad easier with a steel city entrepreneur launching a dedicated cab service to reach airports, promising timely and comfortable rides in well-maintained sedans or SUVs at pocket-friendly rates.

Seema Devi, who had launched the driver/cab service Carpet Drivers last year, has started Airport Connect aimed at providing direct cab services to Dum Dum Airport in Calcutta and Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi from Jamshedpur.

"We promise to provide cabs at the doorstep of clients within 30 minutes within Jamshedpur city area. One can book through our phones (6204861199 and 8092022002) or online through our website," said marketing head of Samar Pratap, adding that they launched the service keeping in mind there was no clear roadmap in sight about resumption of flight services from the steel city.

"Airport Connect was started from July 7. Most clients expressed worries that despite paying a lot to car rental firms to go to Ranchi they often reached Birsa airport only in the nick of time and that check-in and other formalities had to be conducted in a hurry," Pratap said, explaining the rationale behind the service.

As for trains, steel city residents said they were never sure they would reach Calcutta on time. "There's always the worry about missing a flight," he added.

A one-way ride to Ranchi on a Airport Connect sedan would costs Rs 1,800 (including tax) and Rs 2,799 on an SUV. Travel time would be about three hours. A ride to Calcutta, expected to take around seven hours, would cost Rs 5,500 on a sedan and Rs 6,000 on an SUV.

The usual fare for hiring a car to go Ranchi is anything between Rs 2,500 and Rs 3,500. A ride to Calcutta costs anything Rs 6,500 and Rs 7,000.

Airport Connect hopes to score not only on fare but also on reliability.

"We assure our clients clean cabs. We will also provide clean towels to each client, a bottle of mineral water and a newspaper. In case, anyone leaves something behind, we will arrange for it to be dropped at the client's pick-up location free of cost," added Pratap.

All Airport Connect cabs have GPS device installed and are tracked by the firm. Driver, he added, possessed police verified documents.

A Jamshedpur resident, who used the service to go to Ranchi airport on Tuesday, said he was satisfied.

"The driver was polite and we reached the destination (Ranchi) within two and half hours. The tariff is cheap and there is no hidden charge," said businessman Mohan Singh, who is a resident of Mango. "I have also booked a cab for my return journey from Ranchi to Jamshedpur on Saturday," he added.