A visual treat for children - Museum opens for public to mark CIL foundation day

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  • Published 7.11.13

None of them was born when the 1989 Mahabir Colliery great escape took place. Their textbooks also have no mention about the accident in which 66 miners cheated death miraculously. But, a capsule used for rescuing the miners forced a few curious minds to know more about it.

Around 200 eighth graders of Surendranath Centenary School in Ranchi visited CMPDI’s Earth Science Museum that was thrown open for public on Wednesday to celebrate Coal India Limited’s foundation day.

The museum, one-of-its-kind in eastern India, is usually opened to visitors only on request and permission from CMPDI management. But, on Wednesday, it invited guests from 10am to 5pm.

The must-see section at the museum grabbed eyeballs. It has a model of an open-cast mine, where one can see how it functions.

The other sections that attracted the schoolchildren were life on earth, evolution of life, solar system, creation of sun, earth layers etc.

“The model of an open-cast mine and the capsule that was used to rescue the miners were two most interesting things at the museum,” said Rita Ranjan, a student.

Her friends Sakshi Agarwal and Komal Anand agreed.

Classmate Himanshu Ranjan also echoed similar opinion. “I never knew about the Mahabir colliery accident. I was surprised to see the capsule. The original capsule has been restored and it drew my attention,” he added.

While most of the students were happy with the presentations and the model kept at the museum, some were articulate enough to point out their problem areas.

Apurv Harsh said a few terms were difficult to understand and urged that someone should explain those. His friend Nitin Kumar suggested thermonuclear science be introduced.

Children of CMPDI employees, for whom no permission is needed to enter the museum, were also of the opinion that the presentations should be made in Hindi too.