A big shout out to life in all its colours

Steel city's Message to youngsters on suicide prevention day: bend not the end

By Our Correspondent in Jamshedpur
  • Published 11.09.18
RIGHT SPIRIT: Motilal Nehru Public School principal Ashu Tiwary receives the trophy for best stress management from Jusco MD Tarun Daga in Jamshedpur on Monday, as KSMS principal Nandini Shukla looks on. (Bhola Prasad)

Jamshedpur: Love life because you just get one.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, educational institutions and social organisations of Jamshedpur, a city where the annual suicide count hovers around 200, held awareness events on loving life under all circumstances.

Also, in a city where academic pressures compel many youngsters to develop an inferiority complex, city-based suicide prevention centre Jeevan awarded Motilal Nehru Public School, Kerala Samajam Model School for best practices to deal with students' mental well-being.

"We awarded these institutions to appreciate their efforts to ensure that their wards are taken care of especially when it comes to their emotional well-being at such a sensitive age," said Jeoraj Jain, Jeevan director, he said, adding that nominations from schools were judged on innovation, effectiveness, implementation of the idea.

For instance, Motilal Nehru Public School has "happy hours" for its teachers and students where they can bond. Kerala Samajam Model School asks its students to write their negative feelings on kites and fly them so that their hearts feel light. This school also has an anti-bullying policy.

Jeevan also held a workshop where Jusco managing director Tarun Daga was the chief guest and psychiatrist Dr Mahesh Hembram the keynote speaker.

At ADLS Sunshine School, which has this year shifted its campus to Kadma, the day was observed by children and teachers to promote hope, life, cultural resilience and community transformation through their programmes.

Indrani Singh, ADLS principal, said suicide was never a remedy. "Never give up, have the self-belief that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle which will give strength to start all over again. A stumble does not mean the end of the journey," she said.

Students performed a dance on "Love You Zindagi" to tackle negative thinking, depression and suicide and delivered the message of hope and love. ADLS school senate president Anant Kumar gave a motivational speech on loving life while senate vice-president Lovely Kaur presented a story and a song, "Zindagi Has ke Bityenge".

Students also presented skits, mimes and displayed slogans on the beauty and importance of life, and finally took a pledge to fight all odds.

Students of Care and Share club of Kerala Samajam Model School, now in Golmuri, observed the day with a different approach.

They focused on inner wellness with meditation, yoga and pranayam. Resource people from Art of Living addressed older students. Classes XI and XII attended a talk on 'Life is Positive' while Class X attended the session on 'Mind Matters'.

Students of Classes VI, VII and VIII took part in slogan writing and drawing competitions.

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