A bag of fun at BIT fest

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  • Published 5.03.12

BITOTSAV 2012, a five-day annual cultural fest of BIT-Mesra, concluded on a high note in Ranchi on Sunday.

With 50 events in its bag and a thousand-plus crowd from different engineering cradles across the country, BITOTSAV 2012 may be called one of the most happening campus fests of the year.

Future managers and engineers participated in high-octane events such as junkyard wars, entertainment and general quizzes on the final day.

The event that had kicked off on February 29 also hosted dance performances and workshops. On the first day of the festival, renowned classical vocalist Rita Ganguly was the star attraction. Another crowd puller of the five-day event was Dance Nite, which saw performances by Rohan and Group, with the Groovaloose finale close on its heels.

There were off-track delights too. In the car buddy event, participants were asked to showcase marketing strategies on chosen car models and their value in the present market.

“The event ‘pop the star within’ provided us with a chance to create a retro attire with newspapers,” said Meenakshi.

Float it gave BITians a chance to set sail their creativity. They were given 50 ice cream sticks and glue to build a structure that floats for a minute.

The March 1 night was dedicated to rediscover the cultural aspect of each individual. Thought-provoking plays such as Jab Sheher Hamara Sota Hai by Dramatics Society and a kavi sammelan by a few cub poets of the tech hub were the main attractions.

Throughout the day, participants were involved in various competitions, but their evenings were chilled out. Stand-up comedian Nitin Gupta, popularly known as Rivaldo, rock bands Scribe and The Jal, as well as dance troupe Rohan and Group mesmerised the BITians. A Musical Nite organised on Saturday saw Mumbai-based metal band Scribe making the crowd sway to its tunes.

Naofel Nasim, a second-year student of electronic and communication engineering, said each event was loaded with fun.

“It was just music and loads of fun,” Naofel added.

“It is a relief for us from our hectic academic schedule,” said another BITian Meenakshi Gupta.