Water way to win hearts - Good Samaritans set up temporary kiosks to help residents

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  • Published 3.05.14

The blazing sun has brought out a kinder side of residents this summer.

Some of them have turned philanthropic, setting up temporary water kiosks to help people quench their thirst. The Telegraph talked to some of the good-hearted souls.

“The footfall in this market is always very high but there is no help from the municipal corporation regarding drinking water. I thought setting up the temporary water kiosk was the least I could do,” said 38-year-old Mahfooz Ahsen, owner of a footwear shop in Sabzibagh market.

He added: “Many people have quenched their thirst at the stall and this gives me immense pleasure. Waise bhi hamare dharam ke anusar pani pilana bahut dhaarmik hai. Bahut log duayein denge (according to our religion, quenching a person’s thirst assumes a lot of religious importance. Besides, people would also give me blessings).

He stores only mineral water in the kiosk. “I drink mineral water. Then how can I offer others normal water?” said the Good Samaritan.

The residents, naturally, are full of praise for Ahsen. “I have seen people set up pyaus (temporary water kiosks) but this one is different. We get mineral water here,” said Poonam Singh of Kadamkuan.

Apart from Ahsen, this correspondent also met 46-year-old Ramsevak Singh at Ashiana Digha Road, who was serving water and sherbet.

“My shopkeeper friend and I have set up this kiosk. We man it in turns. We feel happy when we serve water to people. Today (Friday), on the occasion of Akshay Tritiya, we have made special arrangements. We are offering sherbet apart from water. This will help us earn punya (blessings),” said Singh.

“I was very thirsty and I quenched my thirst at this kiosk. Thanks to the people who have set up this stall,” said Rakesh Kumar (33), a resident of Rajeev Nagar.