Slap-happy protesters

Common people who had to go out bore the brunt of the bandh on Monday.

By S.M. Shahbaz in Patna
  • Published 11.09.18
Bandh supporters put up a road blockade at Anisabad roundabout in Patna on Monday. Picture by Manoj Kumar

Patna: Common people who had to go out bore the brunt of the bandh on Monday.

"The protesters were openly threatening people with bamboo sticks and rods. The police did not come to help us. They were just watching from the side of the road," said Akil Imam Khan, 25, a resident of Phulwarisharif.

Akil was on his two-wheeler but he was not out on a joyride. "I was wandering for two hours from 10am to 12noon just trying to reach home. I had to buy medicines for my mother but the shops were closed," he said.

Many such instances of bandh enforcers harassing the public - through road blockades, forced detours and also threat of and actual physical violence - were witnessed at Phulwarisharif, Harun Nagar, Anisabad, Chitkohra, Khagaul and Danapur areas in the state capital.

Some bandh enforcers also punctured tyres of cycles and motorcycles and broke windows of cars at Danapur, Rajendra Nagar and Kumhrar areas.

Rajendra Nagar resident Jitendra Kumar, 24, was thrashed by protesters at Chitkohra roundabout.

"The protesters were openly flouting the law and established rules of peaceful protests," he said. "I was slapped when I requested them to let me go to see my relative admitted at AIIMS."

A man in his forties spotted blocking the road at Chitkohra over-bridge, who said his name was Ram Parvesh, reasoned: "The government has made it difficult to survive with rising inflation and declining income of labourers like us. We can't help it if people suffer a bit for the bandh."