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Shravan sparks menu makeover in restaurants - Eateries introduce special vegetarian dishes, prices of chicken and mutton plummet

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  • Published 19.07.11

Patna, July 18: For most, Shravan is a month of restraint. Hundreds take to vegetarian food this month, triggering a dip in sale of non-vegetarian food in hotels and restaurants. The slowdown in hotels and restaurants subsequently lead to a slash in prices of chicken, mutton and fish.

This year is no exception. The prices have fallen from Rs 100 per kg to Rs 80 per kg for chicken. The price of mutton has plummeted from Rs 300 per kg to Rs 250 per kg.

The owner of a Chinese restaurant at Mauryalok Complex, Rohit Kumar, said: “People avoid non-vegetarian food and abstain from drinking alcohol in Shravan. People are very particular about food during this month and this leads to a fall in business. Some have a single meal, some avoid food with onion and garlic. Our business takes a beating in this time of the year.”

Keeping Shravan in mind, a few city restaurants have done a menu makeover. Some have started preparing vegetarian food and a few have even gone to the extent of preparing meals for devotees.

Restaurants like Mithla Dhaba on Frazer Road and Nirvana on Boring Road will prepare vegetarian meals till the Shravan is over.

“We have added a few vegetarian dishes to our menu for the occasion (Shravan). We have introduced five to six new dishes and they will be available everyday. However, a few vegetarian dishes would be changed on a regular basis for a month. Special dishes like tava mushroom, baby corn crispy, malai kofta and vegetarian thalis have been introduced in our restaurant because the demand of vegetarian food is high during the Shravan. Some people do not like to eat in restaurants serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Hence, for the Shravan month, we have hired a special chef and have made separate sitting arrangements for the people opting for vegetarian food,” said Ravi Kumar Singh, the owner of Nirvana.

With the restaurant owners changing the taste for the season, the meat and fish sellers are struggling to cope with the downturn.

“Sales have dipped to a new low. Every year during Shravan, the situation nearly forces us to shut our shops as business takes a toll. Even after slaughtering the prices, the sale is not looking up. On normal days, four to five goats are sold daily but since the onset of Shravan, I am unable to sell even a few kilos. I feel like keeping my shop shut till the Shravan is over,” said Raja, an owner of a meat shop on Boring Road.

Sheela Kumari of Nageshwar Colony said: “I believe Shravan is a month of purity, which brings prosperity and good health to the family. Our family members make sure that we don’t eat non-vegetarian food this month. It will not have any adverse affect on our health if we do not eat meat or fish this month.”