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Scheme to empower girls

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  • Published 24.01.11

Patna, Jan. 23: The district administration has been asked to begin its survey to implement Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Adolescent Girls (Sabla) in the state.

The scheme aims to empower girls aged between 11 and 18 years.

Patna district magistrate Jitendra Kumar Sinha said the survey has already started. Sinha said: “This (the survey) has to be conducted through the anganwadi centres and the scheme is based on integrated child development services policy.”

Sinha said: “Patna will deal with 18 projects and each of them will handle 23 blocks through its 3,500 anganwadi centres. A child development project officer has already been deputed for each project in which Rs 3.8 lakh will be invested every year. Each of the centres is to have a sakhi and a saheli.”

He added the first thing would be to ensure that the project is implemented in an appropriate manner.

Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Adolescent Girls, launched in New Delhi on November 19 last year, is to be implemented across several districts of the country.

Sources said adolescent girls would be classified into two categories, those between 11 and 14 years and the others between 15 and 18 years.

After the division, the first thing would be to calculate the number of girls going to schools. Thereafter, an analytical study would be undertaken about their health, hygiene and nutrition.

Adolescent Girls’ Day or Kishori Diwas would be held once every three months. Each girl would be provided with a health card and every three months, a free health check-up camp would be organised with a lady doctor and a nurse.

Sources also said adolescent girls have to be provided with nutritious food at least 300 days a year. This should include 600 calories and 18-20gm protein and micronutrients.