Rowdies ruin campus camaraderie Midnight deadline to vacate hostel

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  • Published 9.05.14

The Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) administration ordered its first-, second- and third-year MBBS students to vacate their hostel before Thursday midnight following a clash between a non-teaching employee and some medics.

Sources said an MBBS Part-II student approached accountant Sudama for his personal work around 3pm but he refused. An altercation ensued after which Sudama allegedly beat up the student in his chamber. In retaliation, the student also beat up Sudama with his friends.

IGIMS director Dr N.R. Biswas said the accountant suffered injuries in his stomach and back. The accused students suffered bruises.

The college administration’s order to vacate the hostel before Thursday midnight shocked the students.

Rajeev Ranjan, an MBBS Part-III student of the college and the vice-president, Indian Medical Students’ Association, said: “It is really very unfortunate that the college is backing the employee instead of the medics. Do you think it is right that a Grade IV employee beat up an MBBS student? If the student also beat him up after that, then it is wrong. We are in a dilemma. How could the college administration take such a decision?”

Another student, wishing anonymity, said: “The administration’s decision cannot be termed correct. Why have all the 350 first, second and third year students been asked to vacate the hostel when only a few students were involved in the incident?”

Justifying the decision, medical superintendent S.K. Shahi, however, said: “The IGIMS director has taken the decision. We don’t know who were involved in the incident. Anyway, the month-long vacation would start from May 15. So, if the students have been asked to vacate the hostel a few days in advance, what’s wrong in it?”

The police said matters were under control. “Till now, the college administration has given a written petition in connection with the violence. However, the administration has not given any names to the police. The matter is under control now and the police are still camping on the campus. Investigations are on. No person was injured,” said an officer at Shastri Nagar police station.