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  • Published 25.01.13

It’s that time of the year when time seems to fly. Playtime and leisure activities take backseat as exams approach. Smita Kumar talks to students about their daily routine and sacrifices before E-Day

I have stopped watching television and surfing the Internet, especially social networking sites, from the last month. However, I listen to light music. I had read in a magazine that music helps build concentration. I have also made it a point to stop anyone from unnecessarily entering my room. I have stopped reading novels too.

Ipsa Kaushiki Rai
Class XII, Commerce

I used to visit my grandmother’s place very frequently but these days I have stopped going there. My parents are members of social clubs, which organise events/parties, but I don’t attend these gatherings because of my studies. I have cut down on my sleep time as well and devoting those hours on my lessons. I study for five hours apart from attending school and tuition.

Vaibhavi Prerna
Class IX
Baldwin Academy

I am allotting time to each subject in a day to complete my syllabus. I have stopped playing with my pet Novy. I don’t even take her out for a stroll. I have doubled my study hours too.

Sany Susanna Saju
Class XII, Commerce
St Joseph’s Convent High School

I have started giving parties and functions a miss for the sake of exams. I have also missed some movies, which I had been waiting for. I have reduced my time on visiting social networking websites. My study time has gone up by three hours.

Shailja Agarwal
Class XII, Commerce
St Joseph’s Convent High School

There is absolutely no time for games. I have sacrificed all social activities for the sake of studies. I have also started preparing for competitive exams after the boards. Apart from students, even parents and siblings are compelled to forsake their social life before the examinations.

Ayush Agrawal
Class XII, Science
Loyola High School

Though I am an active participant in events like debates, I have stopped all extra-curricular activities. It has become difficult to devote time to sports like cricket and football. Social networking portals are a complete no-no now.

Swaraj Priyadarshi
Class X
St Dominic Savio’s High School

No novels and short stories nowadays. I have to devote time to studies. I am not being able to hang out with my friends and visit my favourite haunts around the city. There is no time for social networking sites and phone calls. I am unable to visit relatives’ places.

Nihit Anshu
Class XII, Humanites
Gyan Niketan

I have stopped bunking tuition classes these days. It’s a waste of time. Now, I don’t have time to hang out with friends. I am also sacrificing sleep and pushing myself to stay awake and study. Visiting social networking sites has become rare. However, the best thing I have done is changing my phone number so that friends cannot call me up and disturb me.

Snigdha Singh
Class XII, Commerce
St Joseph’s Convent High School

The biggest sacrifice, which I will be making this year, is that I won’t plan my birthday. I have a paper on the same day. To make matters worse, my practical examination dates are scheduled during Holi.

Bhavya Verma
Class XI, Science
International School, CBSE wing

I have increased my study time by four hours. I have cut down on watching television. I am also planning to make a routine, to help me finish my syllabus. To keep myself fit, I am trying to sleep on time and get up early. I have decided to reduce the number of breaks during my study schedule.

Insha Jalal
Class XII, Arts
St Joseph’s Convent High School

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