Police eye hoarding revenue pie

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  • Published 16.06.11
A company’s hoarding atop a traffic post at Dakbungalow Chowk in Patna. Picture by Deepak Kumar

Patna, June 15: Advertisements hoardings atop traffic posts and police stations would soon be removed if the police have their way. Police slogans would be put up in their place.

The police have shot off a letter to Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) asking for details of revenues that companies pay to the corporation for the advertisement hoardings, particularly those put up at traffic posts around the city.

Earlier, a letter was sent to the corporation on June 8. Since no reply has come till now, another reminder regarding the same was sent to the PMC by the police today.

Superintendent of police (city) Shivdeep Lande said if PMC was getting revenue from these companies for allowing their advertisement hoardings at the traffic posts and on police station premises, the police were entitled for a share of the revenue.

“The traffic posts belong to the police. At present, there are many big and small hoardings on them belonging to many advertisement companies. The same rests on the walls and also inside the police station premises. If these companies are paying PMC revenue for putting up their advertisements, a share of the same should come to the police too. The money, in turn, will be used for several police welfare schemes,” the senior officer said.

The officer said a letter asking the corporation about details of setting up of hoardings, revenue generated, if any and also a list of illegal hoardings was sent on June 8.

“The police asked PMC to provide information within three days but they have not responded till date. Today, another reminder letter regarding the same has been sent to the corporation again. If the PMC is getting revenue, a share of it should come to the police too. If these companies are not giving any revenue to the police, these hoardings will be immediately brought down,” the officer said.

The officer said they would be replaced with various police slogans.

“Those will be catchier than these advertisements. The police plans to replace them with slogans like ‘Patna police always there to help’ ‘Patna police always at your disposal’ and others. There can be contact details of some officers too, which will be of help for people. The police are presently waiting for a reply from PMC in this connection and will act accordingly,” Lande added.