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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 9.08.14

Misty Memories

June! screeched the

woman behind

With her hairs all tangled.

Isn’t July the current time!

Shut up.. my conscience hollered.

Ages might have I missed

‘Cause that’s how now

it appears,

Like a renovated 1940s car,

Waiting for a gear…

What are those blue hills

Which seems familiar in some respect.

Oh, look at those old rust,

Half covered with dust.

The fields have

grown shorter,

Wider have gone the roads,

Which once was a part of vivid silence

Is now filled with trucks

and hoards.

But who am I to judge

the change,

For change is a part of life.

And where is my

mind getting at

When axle has been transformed into knife,

So, I head back again,

Like I did years ago,

From change that changes my mood

And set back again in the world so large, so vast,

so crude.....!

Venu Gopal
Class XII (Commerce)