Monsoon wait gets longer

Bihar has to wait for monsoon for a few more days.

By Sanjeev Kumar Verma in Patna
  • Published 14.06.18
Cloudy skies on Wednesday. Picture by Manoj Kumar

Patna: Bihar has to wait for monsoon for a few more days.

After reaching parts of Bengal and Sikkim, the monsoon current has weakened, thus, slowing it down towards Bihar.

"The monsoon is likely to reach Bihar around a week later," an official in the Patna Met office told The Telegraph on Wednesday.

Normally, the rain-bearing winds reach the state after June 10 and in the past few years it has been observed that monsoon has been reaching the state around mid of the month.

It had reached the state on June 16 last year whereas the corresponding date of monsoon arrival in 2016 was June 17. In 2015, monsoon had reached on June 22 and in 2014 the arrival date was June 18.

The Met office has predicted a normal monsoon year for the state and Bihar receives around 1,027.6mm rain during the season normally.

As far as arrival of monsoon is concerned, apart from the weakening of the monsoon current, a low-pressure area which was earlier prevailing in the Bay of Bengal and which moved in the northeastern direction, has also adversely hit the chances of rain.

"The movement of this system towards the northeastern side sucked moisture away from Bihar and deprived the state from rain," said the Met official.