Monday, 30th October 2017

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Jail band show time - Musical inmates to be ready by Dussehra

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  • Published 20.08.13

Come Dussehra, a music band formed by the inmates of the state’s first open jail in Buxar would be ready to perform for an audience.

Authorities of the Buxar open jail have sent a proposal to the government to allow the band to perform for residents of the area. The musicians would perform both Indian classical and western music.

Acting superintendent of the jail, S.K. Ambashtha, said the music group had been provided with modern instruments. Music teachers have also been hired to provide professional training to inmates who are eager to join the group.

“Since the inmates of this jail have permission to go outside in search of work to earn a livelihood to provide for their families, the members of the music group would be allowed to offer their services to the residents,” Ambashtha said.

He said members of the music group, however, would have to fulfil certain conditions. “They would be allowed to perform only during the day and would have to return to their wards before sunset. The inmates of the jail are counted every evening,” he added.

Musical instruments such as Spanish guitar, tabla, harmonium, conga drums, electronic tanpura, scale changer, synthesiser, naal and jhaal have been provided by the jail from the prison directorate. The instruments were purchased for Rs 1.25 lakh.