Ignite fun with a gush of thrill - All-terrain vehicles debut at Sabbalpur Diara, residents' thumbs up to mean machine

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  • Published 3.01.13

Speed and thrill brought smiles on the faces of visitors to Sabbalpur Diara, where the much-anticipated all-terrain vehicles (ATV) started operation on Wednesday.

The city-based Ramsons International, in partnership with Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC), is operating two ATVs at the diara as of now.

The mean machine has four big wheels and is supported by shock absorbers to allow drivers to ride through the rough terrain of the sandbar. Once the keys are inserted in the ignition and the driver pushes the self-start button, the engine makes a loud roar. The ignition switch should be pressed until the ATV starts to move.

The stimulating power of the machine was clearly visible on the faces of first-timers enjoying the ATV ride.

“I had never driven an ATV. It was like riding a giant scooter having four wheels. I could feel the thrill of riding on the bumpy terrains,” said Tausif Ahmed, a student of Patna University, who was at the diara only to witness the new dawn of adventure sports in the capital.

If men were bold enough to take the wheels, the women were proud riding on the sandbar.

“I have never driven a motorbike because I felt scared. But despite the heavy built of the ATV, I was not at all scared riding it. The ride was extremely thrilling. I had trouble while turning the vehicle but at the end I felt proud riding the jumbo machine,” said Bharti Jaiswal, who had gone to the Sabbalpur Diara to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

On the first day, the two ATVs were being run on the premises of Dolphin Ganga Plaza, where a New Year bash was organised on Tuesday. The charge for an ATV ride in two rounds has been fixed at Rs 50 per person. Ramsons International would develop a go-kart track spread over 10km at the sandbar to augment the experience of the ATV riders.

“The bumpy terrain at the Sabbalpur Diara is ideal for running ATVs. We would develop dedicated tracks for our vehicles over an area of 10km,” said Raj Shekhar, the proprietor of Ramsons International.

He added that the vehicles have been imported from Taiwan at a cost of Rs 2.5 lakh each. “We could have bought go-karts but the height of such vehicles is low and their speed would have been very high, which was not suitable for the Sabbalpur Diara terrain. So, we decided to go for ATVs,” said Shekhar.

Apart from youngsters, families were also upbeat about the latest addition to the fun at the sandbar. “The ATV ride was amazing. Such kind of adventure sport activities is good for the city. It shows the progressing lifestyle of the people. The sandbar has literally become the Goa of Bihar,” said Pinki Yadav, the councillor of ward number 31 of Patna Municipal Corporation, who had gone to the sandbar on Wednesday with her family.