Gym rush to shed that extra flab

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  • Published 28.07.10

Patna, July 27: Fitness clubs are growing all over the city. Fallout: the extra flab is fading.

The mushrooming of gymnasiums, health clubs, yoga centres and personal fitness trainers in the past couple of years reflects the change in the mindset of health-wise Patnaites.

Over 100 small and big fitness centres have opened in Patna. Most of them are doing roaring business, indicating an enhanced awareness among people on nutrition and diet.

Apart from brand names like Nine to Nine, Addiction Fitness and Patna Health Club, many small and medium gymnasiums have set up shop in the city.

Vijay Kumar of Patna Health Club says: “Joining health clubs is not about looking good. It’s a necessity. People have realised that they need to lose weight and stay fit if they want to lead healthy and productive lives.”

Raju Kumar, the current Mr Bihar, also acts as an instructor at Addiction Fitness on Boring Road. Raju says: “Not only students, working professionals such as doctors, engineers and even top government officials come here for fitness tips.”

He adds that most of them have busy schedules and have problems like diabetes, obesity and thyroid.

Joining these health clubs, the professionals, apart from regular exercise, also get regular tips from the tra- ined instructors and physiotherapists.

On an average, in a good gym, a three-month membership for a general fitness programme costs Rs 1,500–2,500. The membership fee also depends on the package one opts for.

Vijay Kumar says: “During workout, the body generates insulin. It helps in the regeneration of new cells that strengthens the immune system. That is why people with ailments are advised to go in for exercise.”

Vijay Kumar adds that health drinks, rich in protein, vitamins and carbohydrates, are also available in the market these days. But it is good to consult a doctor before going in for the health drinks, Vijay Kumar advises.

Sanjay Kumar Singh of Dream Body Gymnasium says that there has been a craze among women to look slim and beautiful in the past few years .

He added: “Many working and middle-aged women join our dance centres to stay fit.”