From kitchen to campaign trail - Poonam busy with strategy meets for husband Shatrughan in vast constituency

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  • Published 1.04.14

Kitchen can wait but not campaigns, at least not at a time when her husband seeks re-election to the Lok Sabha.

Even the early summer heat can hardly stop Poonam Sinha from electioneering in the vast constituency of Patna Sahib from where BJP MP Shatrughan has been re-nominated.

“Shatrughan was ill for the last one-and-a-half years but now he is hale and hearty. He is back with a bang and will fight like a warrior. I am there to support him by standing by his side,” said Poonam. Shatrughan underwent open-heart surgery in July 2012.

Poonam has been visiting lanes and bylanes of the densely populated constituency even in the absence of her husband. The lady in dark brown taant cotton sari with golden border, when asked about the strategy of her as a campaigner, she said: “My aim is to get in touch with the common people and let them know whom they are working for. The people will not be able to know much about the candidate till he is approachable. So I believe in a door-to-door campaigning and tell them that every politician is not same.”

Poonam is quite confident about her husband’s performance and possible victory. “People of Patna know him as he has been brought up here and he is son of the soil. He was candidate from the same constituency last time (2009) and won by a good margin (1,66,724) of votes. I am looking for a victory by a record margin this year,” added Poonam.

She was visibly angry on allegations that the Bollywood actor-turned-politician was “missing” after the last Lok Sabha election. “It is not true. I would like to correct it for once and all that people with vested interest are spreading this rumour that he was ‘missing’. If you check the airport records, you will find that how often he visits Patna. Frankly speaking, he comes to Patna more often than spending time in Mumbai. Being the MP, why will he not want to visit his constituency? Is this sound logical? If some MP wants to work for his constituency, let him do the work in peace and do not divert his attention to the nonsense rumours,” she said.

She added that Sonakshi Sinha won’t be campaigning for her father: “She will not be able to join us as she is busy with her commitments. Her schedule is packed. I think her presence in the campaign will add on to the rush and confusion among people. So let her do her work.”

At the Boring Road office, Poonam met party workers and discussed strategies also. “We should focus on the civic amenities and the cleanliness of the city,” said Poonam.