Fest kicks off on high note - Dance performance sets tone for IIT's tech extravaganza

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  • Published 1.02.14

Aspiring techies took a break from the gruelling academic session and placement activities on Friday and let their hair down in a “quest” for enjoyment.

The first day of IIT-Patna’s annual technical fest, Anwesha, began on a high note with a classical dance performance by celebrated Odissi dancer Kavita Dwibedi. Anwesha means quest and the fest promises to give every individual reach his/her full potential. The three-day extravaganza would encompass a plethora of events, including technical and cultural performances.

The chief guest of the fest was Patna High Court Justice Navneeti Prasad Singh, while the guest of honour was institute director A.K. Bhowmick. Speaking on the occasion, Justice Singh said: “The function reminds me of my college days when I was studying law at Delhi University. During cultural fests, students from Delhi University colleges used to visit other institutes, especially Hindu College and St Stephen’s College.”

Anwesha, which started in 2010, has evolved to be one of east India’s biggest youth festivals. From humble beginning with only a few colleges and technical institutions taking part, the event has only grown. In this year’s fest, 54 cultural and technical events would be organised and 2,000 students from 140 colleges are scheduled to take part.

Justice Singh added: “Enjoyment always leads to creativity and innovation. By successfully holding the fest, the students best innovative imaginations will come to the fore.” Singh asked the budding techies to be honest in their work and be innovative with their concepts.

A series of events have been planned for the tech fest such as dance, quizzes, debates, singing competitions, wall-painting, gaming, coding challenges, band performance, seminars and performances by renowned artistes.

“Technical events would include Aqua Soccer (robots playing football in water), Romantronix (LED display event), Verilog Reloaded (programme language event), Farrago (circuit design event) and Titans Unleashed (Events of two robotics). Literary events like Darpan, Kwiz Wiz, Tamasha and Once upon a time would be held. For the management events, Stock Mart, B-quiz, Vendre would be organised. Other events like Eco-debate, Green quiz and others would give participants ample scope to showcase their talents,” said Prakhar Kothari, co-ordinator and media and public relations officer of Anwesha-14.

On the occasion, IIT-Patna director Bhowmick recalled his old days. He said: “When I was studying at IIT-Kharagpur, we too actively took part in fests.”