Dead doc's mother demands justice

200 people march in patna to press for cbi probe

By S.M. Shahbaz in Patna
  • Published 19.04.18
The protest march in Patna on Wednesday. Picture by Manoj Kumar

Patna: Around 200 people participated in a protest march here on Wednesday to demand justice for Dr Faiyaz Alam, an MD radiology student of Katihar Medical College who died under suspicious circumstances on March 20 this year.

Faiyaz died in the early morning hours. A fellow student called up his parents at around 8.30 am the same day. The parents rushed to Katihar from their home in Gopalganj, around 143km north-west of Patna. When they arrived in Katihar, around 304km east of Patna, around 8pm, they were told that Faiyaz was brought dead to the hospital. The letter from the medical college informing the family reached them 16 days after the death.

"Nobody wants to talk about what happened on that day - neither the hospital administration nor the doctors there. We want an impartial probe. The Katihar police by delaying the investigation are hampering the probe and meddling with evidence," said Faiyaz's brother-in-law Tasir Hussain, who was part of the march along with other family members including Faiyaz's mother Sitara Begum.

"The post-mortem report that we have accessed through the court revealed a serious wound on his head," Hussain added.

Faiyaz was in the last year of his postgraduate course.

"I want justice for my only son, an enquiry by the CBI and the immediate arrest of all the culprits," Sitara Begum said, her voice choking with emotion. "The college administration's role has been apathetic and suspicious. My voice is the voice of every mother whose beloved son died fulfilling their dreams in killer educational institutions."

She said her son had called her up a day before he died, and said there were threats to his life from the college administration. "My son died due to the negligence of the institution," the mother alleged.

A complaint was lodged on March 20 with the Katihar Mofussil police station on the statement of Faiyaz's uncle Amir Umroon. Mufassil police station house officer (SHO) had told The Telegraph on March 29: "The post-mortem report confirmed that Faiyaz was killed. Neurogenic shock as a result of head injury is the cause of death."

However, on Wednesday, the SHO just said: "Our investigation is going on and we cannot say any further."

Katihar superintendent of police Siddharth Mohan Jain said: "There is no conclusive proof yet. We have sent the computers and mobile phones of the deceased to the cyber cell."

Faiyaz's uncle Amir Umroon, however, claimed: "Marks of deep stab wounds were visible on Faiyaz's head and back."