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  • Published 11.01.13

Be soft

Change: Elders should talk in a nice manner
Why: I do not like it when an elder talks to me rudely. If anyone wants to explain something, he/she should speak in a proper way. This would also help me understand the person’s point of view.

Riya Singh
Class V
International School, ICSE wing

No assembly

Change: There should be no morning assembly
Why: I have to keep standing for a long time with my eyes closed. I am playful and cannot stand still for so long.

Palak Fitkiriwala
Upper KG
Mary Ward Kindergarten

Fight graft

Change: A corruption-free society
Why: Politicians fight elections for their own sake and not to help others. They want to hoard money and do not pay attention to the needy. Bribes are asked in lieu of jobs or licences.

Paridhi Rungta
Class V
St Paul’s High School

Ban plastic bags

Change: Stop using polybags
Why: A polybag is normally thrown away after use resulting in soil pollution. Polybags cannot be destroyed and hence should not be used. It also chokes drains, resulting in accumulation of water during rain.

Farzan Ateeque Khan
Class VI
RPS Residential School

More playtime

Change: Duration of playtime
Why: I get only two hours to play with my friends. I want it to be five hours. It could be either in the morning or evening.

Prakriti Pandey
Class IV
Notre Dame Academy

Chat options

Change: More free periods
Why: We cannot talk during classes. We cannot chat even in the games period. The lunch break is the only time when we can talk to friends. However, at that time, we are busy eating. I want more free periods.

Anushka Gupta
Class II
Notre Dame Academy

No leg pulling

Change: Stop teasing
Why: I do not like it when someone teases me. I feel bad. I do not make fun of anyone.

Saniya Arshad
Class II
RPS Residential Public School

Study focus

Change: Focus on study and reduce entertainment
Why: I devote a lot of time to playing and watching TV. However, I have to concentrate more on my studies now.

Alankriti Jain
Class VI
St Joseph’s Convent High School

New cot

Change: I want to change my old bed
Why: I am bored with my old bed. I want a bunk bed. I would be able to sleep on the upper or lower decks.

Ramish Abdali
Class III
DPS, Patna

Change conduct

Change: My friend Shashank’s behaviour
Why: At times, he talks to me angrily and behaves badly. I want all my friends to talk to me properly.

Abdul Ahad
Class III
Don Bosco Primary School

Restaurant wish

Change: I want my school canteen to be converted into a restaurant
Why: At present, we get only samosas and chips. I want to have Chinese and Indian dishes.

Mohammad Umar
Class IV
Don Bosco Academy

Dad’s vehicle

Change: Father should buy a car
Why: My father uses his office car. We face problems when we have to go somewhere. I want my father to have a car of his own.

Bilquis Arshad
Class III
RPS Residential School

Follow orders

Change: Obey parents and study
Why: I am getting low grades in my examinations. I have to devote time to books and stop playing games on the computer.

Priyansha Ambastha
Class V
Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bailey Road

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