Court prod on safety steps

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  • Published 24.09.11

Patna, Sept. 23: The high court today asked the state government and the court administration to inform it by Tuesday about steps they have taken or intend to take to strengthen security of the high court.

A division bench comprising Justice S.K. Katriar and Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah of the high court asked the government and the court administration to inform them about steps to strengthen security measures while hearing a public interest litigation filed by Shivam Singh seeking upgrade and strengthening of security arrangements on high court premises.

Singh, the petitioner-in-person, submitted that the problems, which people face on the high court premises are basically four-fold.

First, there is nothing to regulate the entry and exit of vehicles at the high court. Second, no mechanism to check each and every person entering the court. Third, no step to scan or X-ray belongings of those entering the courtroom or the premises and no system to observe and monitor (through CCTV) happenings inside the court, Singh added.

The petitioner submitted that this matter should be taken up on a priority basis because any mishap can occur at any given point of time. Singh in his submission also suggested measures on how to strengthen security arrangements in the court and cited some provisions and steps taken by Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court to ensure security on the premises.

While making a point-wise suggestion, he suggested that accreditation stickers must be made mandatory for vehicular access to the court. There must be a standard safety protocol adhered to while allowing entry of vehicles such as mirror checks.